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North Vancouver Recycling Guide for Spring Cleaning

Our North Vancouver drop-off depot accepts many different materials and items for recycling as can be found under our about public drop-off services tab. Did you know we even accept household rigid plastics, paper for shredding, and car seats! Although we accept an extensive range of materials for recycling there are still a few things that we are unable to take. What can you do with them you ask? Check out our guide below!

Where can I recycle lightbulbs?

The North Shore Bottle & Return It Depots, London Drugs, Ikea, and some hardware stores such as Rona and Home Hardware all accept lightbulbs through Regeneration’s LightRecycle Program.

What can I do with my propane tank?

Wastech’s North Vancouver Recycling & Transfer Station accepts public drop-off of propane tanks (30 Riverside Drive West- south of Dollarton Hwy). Visit the Wastech website for more information on their services.

Where can I recycle ink cartridges?

London Drugs accepts cartridges through their Green Deal Program and Staples accepts some brands of cartridges.

Can I recycle my used Brita filters?

Drop them off at a London Drugs which recycles them through their Green Deal Program or get a free shipping label through Brita’s website and mail them back to the retailer to be recycled.

Where can I bring my old refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, BBQs, and other appliances that consist mostly of metal?

You can drop them off at Wastech’s North Vancouver Recycling & Transfer Station for free.

What about books?

WCS accepts books at the end of their life but if you want to ensure they’re reused the North Vancouver District Public Library and Vancouver Public Library will take your books, DVD’s and CD’s that are in good condition and are fairly current. Additionally, the North Shore Recycling Depot (29 Riverside Drive) accepts books through Discover Books. Discover Books also has various donation boxes on the North Shore – you can input your postal code to search for a location near you on their website.

What can I do with my old clothing?

Big Brothers and Canadian Diabetes will take almost anything in good condition – clothing, accessories, shoes, toys, blankets, housewares, sleeping bags, small appliances and electronics. Book a free pickup online (you don’t even have to be home) and they will come grab your labelled bags. You can also drop-off your clean-wearable clothes at the North Shore Recycling Depot where they are accepted for the Canadian Diabetes Association. If you have clothing and textiles that have seen better days and likely won’t be accepted for donation, H&M will recycle it for you and give you vouchers toward their store when you bring in old clothes to their retail locations.

Can I recycle my power tools?

The North Shore Bottle & Return-It Depots (at 235 Donaghy Avenue and 310 Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver) and Salvation Army (241 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver) accept power tools through the Electrorecycle Program. Also, the Vancouver Tool Library will accept donations of tools, and lend them out to members.


Have an additional material that you’re not sure how to recycle or dispose of? Use the Recycling Council of BC’s Recyclepedia to search for the closest place to take different materials based on your location.

Author: Leah Coulter


  1. I live in East Vancouver. Can I use the North Van Transfer Station as it is closer than the South Vancouver Transfer Station on Kent?

    1. Hi J. Hopper, I believe you can use the North Van Transfer Station. My understanding is that the station is run by Metro Vancouver, not just the North Shore Municipalities, so all Metro Vancouver residents should be able to access it. However, you could always give them a call to confirm at 604-681-5600. Cheers!

  2. So glad I took the time to read through your information! I was completely unaware that H&M recycled clothing and textiles not suitable for donation.
    Now rather than throwing away the items that I can’t donate I can have them recycled!
    Thank you!!

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