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Monday to Friday 9am-3pm
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1493 Dominion Street, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1B3

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How it works

Aside from our recycling collection services from apartments, businesses, and single-family homes, we have a depot open to public to drop-off of paper for secure shredding and child car seats for recycling (no appointment needed). We work with small local businesses like furniture retailers, office supply stores, and apparel retailers to recycle clean white expanded polystyrene (more commonly known as Styrofoam), as well as stretchy soft plastics. Send us a photo of your material and how much you have to: community@wcsrecycling.com to check whether we can recycle or recover the material.

Please wear a mask when visiting and follow COVID-19 precautions on-site. We are not handling cash at this time (Debit, Visa, Mastercard only).

Secure Paper Shredding 

Visitors are welcome to watch as their documents are shredded.

If you have large amounts or are unable to drop-off at our facility, call us at 604-987-1493 to arrange a one-time pick up from your location.

Your paper will be shredded at our depot within 24 hours. A certificate of destruction is available for your records and a detailed receipt can be written for tax purposes upon request.

Our shredder can handle staples & paper clips. Anything larger that is not paper please kindly remove prior to your visit (no black metal clamp clips, metal rings, binders, plastic folders, x-ray film from dental or medical records, or anything that is not paper). Thin-bound paper booklets 100 pages or less are OK.

We offer regular, ongoing pick-up services for confidential paper shredding for offices and businesses on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on-call basis as needed. Client information destruction made safe and effortless. Tell us about your needs today!


With new public recycling programs that take many types of recycling at no cost, we have phased out our public drop-off of mixed recycling, known as our “Beyond-the-Blue-Box” or “Red Bag Recycling program” which we created years ago to fill a recycling gap that has now been filled. Crinkly plastics or “laminates” (chip bags, stand-up zip-top pouches, mesh bags for onions/avocados) can be taken to Transfer Stations in their “Other flexible packaging” material stream. Call the Recycling Council of BC‘s Recycling Hotline for information on where to take which items at 604-RECYCLE.

Our WCS depot still accepts certain materials by the pallet or super sack, or by truck full. Email a photo of your material and how much you have to community@wastecontrolservices.com to verify whether we can recycle it.

Commercial Recycling Drop-Off:

  • Styrofoam
    • We accept: Clean & White Expanded Polystyrene (EPS / PS – #6) blocks. These are typically very light, brittle blocks full of air that snap cleanly into two (typically seen in home appliance packaging, furniture & electronics packaging, fish boxes).
      • Our team feeds the Styrofoam blocks into a densifier on-site at our facility which reduces the volume 40x creating densified blocks to be palleted for a local material recovery facility to melt into plastic pellets, and then be recycled into items such as crown mouldings, baseboards, picture frames, park benches, clothing hangers and more creating a closed-loop recycling process.
    • Items we cannot accept: Contaminated or dirty Styrofoam, or other types of foam packaging such as flexible, shiny sheet foam used in packaging, packing peanuts or post-consumer EPS such as food trays or food containers.
  • Soft Plastic
    • We accept: Clean & Stretchy (i.e. can poke your thumb through it) plastic packaging.
      • Typically used in clothing or apparel retail packaging, office supply stores, home appliance packaging, furniture & electronics packaging.
    • Items we cannot accept: Crinkly plastics or “Other Flexible Packaging” such as chip bags, stand-up zip pouches, net / mesh bags used for onions & avocados.
  • Hard Plastic
    • Coroplast Signs (i.e. Election Signs)
    • Planter Pots
    • Planter Trays
    • Wipe off excess dirt where possible
    • Schaefer Bins i.e. Wheeled Recycling Bins, Curbside Recycling Boxes ($20 with wheels; $10 without wheels)
    • Child Car Seats ($8 per item – remove fabric coverings where possible prior to drop-off)

Compost Bags & Recycling Bins

If your recycling service provider accepts certified compost bags in your compost collection, you can purchase certified 2 gallon compostable bags for your home from our North Vancouver depot, in boxes of 30pcs, 90pcs, or by the case full.

We also offer larger sizes of compostable bags and indoor recycling bins for your home or office, which you can order and pick up from our North Vancouver depot. Email orders@wastecontrolservices.com for order inquiries.

Child Car Seat Recycling 

Our North Van depot accepts public drop-off for child car seat recycling for a fee of $8.00 each. Please remove any fabric pieces that you can prior to drop-off. The rigid plastic portion is recycled with a local material recovery facility.

Child Car Seats

Full-sized or booster seats.

Closure of Red Bag Recycling Drop-off

Please note that as of November 2019 we have started phasing out our residential Beyond the Blue Box/ Red Bag recycling from the public. However, we will continue to recycle child car seats, and offer secure paper shredding, as well as accept commerical recycling of Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene – must be white, clean & dry).

As many local government depots now exist for recycling drop-off, we ask that residents utilize these facilities. The North Shore Transfer Station (2 minutes away from our depot) accepts similar materials – crinkly laminates are accepted in the “other flexible packaging” stream at no cost. To find a depot near you, search via http://metrovancouverrecycles.org/ or call the Recycling Council of BC Hotline at 604-RECYCLE (604-732-9253).

That being said, if you own a business and want to divert your materials from landfill, we are always open to providing information and facilitating more recycling in our community. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for your support over the years!

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