Recycling our way to zero waste

Our expertise is in helping your company redefine what it considers waste. Our ability to recycle almost any material means we can maximize your recovered materials’ end of life potential. Our partnerships with local Vancouver facilities ensure your unwanted materials will one day reclaim their once-held value.

Leading the Way

Since we began cardboard recycling more than 20 years ago, we’ve become the most comprehensive recycling service provider in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. From mixed paper and plastic containers, to aluminum cans and plastic wrap – we can recycle most every material.

what we divert

Mixed Containers

Paper & Cardboard

Glass Containers



Soft Plastics

Non-Household Plastics

Electronics, Light Bulbs & Batteries

Sorting & Collection

We offer a variety of bin sizes for collection and a pick-up schedule that accommodates your needs. Download our Sort It Out poster for a guide on matching the right materials with your containers.

Equipment Maintenance

The functionality, safety and image of our bins at your work site are our top priority. We dedicate an entire operations department to maintaining the highest standard of equipment quality – making us proud industry leaders in collection fleet reliability. Your image and peace of mind are just as important to us as our own.

From waste stream to data stream

Set targets, track your progress, share your success! Our online weight reports provide clear and easy to read data to measure your waste reduction and diversion efforts.

Where does it go?

We’ve partnered with many local and overseas downstream material recovery facilities to close the loop and ensure the reuse of your resources. These partners will recycle your used office paper into new products such as kids’ poster paper for their latest masterpiece, or your plastic packaging may be recycled into gardening pots for delicious home grown tomatoes.


For more information on what happens to your materials downstream, check out our Where Does It Go whitepaper.


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