Leading the way out of the landfills

Minimizing waste and maximizing recyclables is a priority for our team, our clients and our community. Disposal bans, non-compliance fines, and demand for more sustainable disposal options continue to be on the rise. It is our commitment to lead the way with unique solutions to dispose of your unwanted items.

Food Depackaging

We partner with grocers, produce distributors and delicatessens. Depackaging services that allow for the separation of discarded food and beverage products directly from their packaging – without the need for intensive labour – are now available.

We can recover the metal, paper, or plastic packaging and the perishable materials they once contained. Recalled, expired, or excess packaged foods no longer need to be sent to landfill. These materials can now be repurposed into resources including fuel, feed, soils, and new packaging.

Craft Brewery Spent Grain & Traceable, Pre-Consumer Organic Waste

We partner with craft breweries, greenhouses and bakeries. We work with our partners to reuse brewery fermented grains and food that never quite made it to the consumer. This grain and food is still high in protein, carbohydrates, fibers, and minerals – making it perfect feed for livestock and salmon. It’s just one innovation that shows how we’re able to retain the value of post-consumer materials. Want to read more about our spent grain recycling collection services? Check out our Local Craft Brewery Case Study.

Commingled/Mixed Loads

Our partners are construction sites, commercial warehouses, and special events organizers. We offer the perfect alternative for customers without storage space for multiple roll-off containers to allow for ethical disposal and recycling. We mix bagged recycling materials with other recycling types or waste for manual separation later at designated facilities. Combining waste and recycling for the landfill or contaminating recyclables with loose waste can result in the unfortunate destruction of valuable recyclables and contamination fines. As long as the contents are properly separated and bagged, we can now collect multiple materials within the same container.

Roll-off Waste Diversion

We partner with landscapers, construction sites and industrial manufacturers. Many mass produced materials including construction wood waste, drywall, plastic wrap, metal and concrete – do not have to be brought to landfill as waste. In fact, most have been banned in Greater Vancouver Landfills for years, resulting in fines for our customers when mixed in with otherwise acceptable loads. Many of these easily separable materials can instead be loaded and transported independently to multiple facilities around the Lower Mainland.

Waste to Energy

We partner with autobody shops and industrial manufacturers. Waste-to-Energy is an alternative to landfill for non-recyclable materials. Rather than send them to landfill, often these materials can be repurposed for the production of energy. The materials are incinerated and used in a process that creates electricity for distribution into the local BC Hydro power grid. Get in touch with our consulting team to see if your waste meets the qualifications for Waste to Energy.