Case Study:
Vancouver Craft Breweries

Growing craft brewery scene

The Lower Mainland has seen an explosion of craft breweries establishing roots in the last decade. The craft beer movement, which began in the 80’s as a reaction to beer monopolies, has resoundingly convinced many Vancouverites to frequent local breweries for unique, and delicious beers.

Hopping to help local brewers

Breweries can be environmentally friendly and save on disposal costs if the waste grain from the brewing process is given a second life as farm animal feed. Many Lower Mainland farmers and breweries have made mutually beneficial partnerships based on this – with farmers agreeing to pick-up and use the breweries’ spent grains at no cost. However, brewers like Andrew from Andina Brewing Co., and Ben from Dageraad Brewing expressed frustration with unreliable pick-up schedules when working with farmers. WCS saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between breweries needing to get rid of their waste on a tight schedule and getting a valuable feed source to farmers.


Spent grain solutions

WCS offers cost effective, reliable and consistent spent grain collection so that brewers do not have to adjust production schedules. We help breweries divert as much of their organic material as possible and even provide the option to put unusable yeast into spent grain bins. We take pride in not only providing great service but also having equipment built and modified to each customer’s needs. Our self-tippers collect spent grains from mash-tuns and then the tippers are easily transported via forklift to a WCS collection bin. WCS bins are sealed to prevent liquid escaping so concerns about storm drain and sanitary sewer contamination are eliminated.

One stop shop

Our collection services do not just end at spent grain – we are a one stop shop for recycling and recovery of all types of brewery waste. Our full list of services includes food waste composting, interceptor clean outs, and recycling of many different materials such as plastics, glass, paper, strapping, poly-woven bags, and shrink wrap. We like to problem solve and will endeavor to find a sustainable disposable option for almost every material.

Community, sustainability, and a pint

In speaking with our brewery customers it is evident that not only are they seeking to create great beer, they also want to make sure they are good to the community and the environment. Many Vancouver breweries have become thriving community hubs, commonly curating art and sustainability as part of their operations. Patrons should be proud of supporting local breweries like Andina Brewing Company, Dageraad Brewing, Beere Brewing, and Powell Street Craft Brewery.

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