Great gains for going green

From restaurant chains to Green Key hotels to parts distributors –  our organics collection services provide low cost and sustainable solutions to every industry. We partner with local facilities and offer consulting and educational services to maximize your food and green waste recycling. Have questions or want to educate your staff? We’re here to support your program and are happy to provide resources such as brochures, information sessions, and diversion reports.

what we divert

Food Waste

Yard Waste

Cooking Oil

Spent Grains

Collection Service

We offer a variety of bin sizes and a pick-up schedule that accommodates your needs. Our containers are serviced by our state-of-the-art collection fleet. With GPS tracking, route management systems, sanitation equipment, and safety features – we can ensure the punctuality, sanitation and safety of our vehicle operations.

Is your space for waste limited? We are experts in collecting from tight underground garages, provide custom built compactors, and offer split bins made so that two material types can be efficiently stored for collection.

Equipment Maintenance

The functionality, safety and image of our bins at your work site are our top priority. We dedicate an entire operations department to maintaining the highest standard of equipment quality – making us proud industry leaders in collection fleet reliability. Your image and peace of mind are just as important to us as our own.

Where does Green Waste go?

With an ever increasing assortment of innovative green waste end-of-life options, finding the most sustainable option for your materials has never been easier. Collected gases from the decomposition process are captured and stored for use as fuels for vehicles, heating, or electricity production. Decomposed material can be used for additives to increase soil fertility, or even as a sustainable source of protein for livestock and fish feed.

For more information on the opportunities your green waste has in a second life, check out our Where Does It Go whitepaper.

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