Waste Control Services compactors, built in-house, are available in standard or custom, built-to-fit sizes. All residential and commercial compactors provide:

  • Liquid tight seals and security, preventing mess from spills and scavengers;
  • Low-profile options for underground parkades of businesses or residential buildings;
  • Options for odour elimination to reduce foul smells;
  • Excellent compaction of high volume outputs for customers without space for multiple bins;
  • Fire-rated protection for non-fire rated rooms.

We also provide industrial balers for easily recycling high volumes of commercial packaging by-products. Our balers are ideal for any type of solid recycling. Once bundled, we can pick up the bale to responsibly dispose of the contents.

Our compactors and balers come with a 5-year warranty and our optional comprehensive preventative maintenance program to ensure the longevity of your equipment.

For more information please contact us.