Saving time, money and the environment

Post-Collection Waste Audits

We’ll  perform a thorough audit of your waste and recycling system. Our analysis will provide us with the necessary information on how we can reduce costs and increase efficiencies through a comprehensive collection system.

Planning & Development

We’ll establish the appropriate recycling streams and provide adequate counselling to maximize diversion from your regular waste stream, allowing us to instead push those materials into more sustainable streams of recovery.

Build Recommendations

Our plan recommendations will work with your current operational system and staff to ensure  there is limited interference with your current day-to-day operations. We’ll present a comprehensive and suitable waste and recycling program that meets your budget needs and diversion goals.

Implementation, Education and Training

We’re happy to monitor progress and user compliance while offering face-to-face proactive, ongoing training and education to your staff or residents. Training includes personal sessions with staff or residents to help your business or building roll out your new program and maximize your diversion potential. All applicable signage for your recycling areas and educational tools to your staff are also included by our Outreach Team.

Contact us so we can build the plan that will help you achieve your goals.