Case Study:
Seaspan's Vancouver Shipyards

Supporting an environmental leader

Seaspan’s, Vancouver Shipyards is committed to ensuring their yard operations have minimal environmental impact and share Metro Vancouver’s goal of zero waste. Vancouver Shipyard is fully committed to adhering to rigorous environmental standards and is certified in the Green Marine Environmental Program. Green Marine is an environmental certification program used by the marine industry in North America. In 2015, Green Marine added a new certification category for waste management. As their waste contractor, we were asked to help implement a more in-depth recycling and waste diversion program to work towards achieving certification in this newly-added category.

Strategies for success

We worked with Vancouver Shipyards to identify key locations around the yard with the priority of ensuring that staff had easy access to recycling streams. New stations were added and recycling culture on the property has become more prominent. As a result, workers have requested more service and are using the bins to their full capacity. We remain on hand to provide feedback, education, and services to meet the Shipyard’s needs.

Expanded services cater to business goals

Our work with Vancouver Shipyards is an example of how we can help any business maximize their diversion from the landfill. Our partnership has piloted an extensive soft plastics recycling service, going further than typical industry plastics recycling programs which start and end with hard plastics. Through our tailored service options for the Shipyards we now recycle almost all waste plastics generated. Beyond our expanded services, WCS provides data metrics for the Shipyards on their waste diversion totals. This allows for the Shipyards to assess their goals, look at cost savings, and report their success on a daily basis.