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Waste Control Services Recycles Car Seats

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The biannual Bellies to Babies Celebration took place on Sunday, October 5th at the Croatian Cultural Centre. Once again, Waste Control Services extended out a valuable service to the public: recycling expired car seats.

WCS accepted used and expired car seats from the public by donation, and volunteers from both WCS and Bellies to Babies broke them down into their recyclable components. WCS was able to keep 77 car seats from ending up in landfills, are approximately 700kgs of plastic.

Public donations we accepted to offset the cost of recycling plastic and other materials. Straps from car seats will be up-cycled into wallets and purses. Tara Jensen, founder and blogger of British Columbia Mom, was in attendance and wrote about the importance of recycling expired car seats (

WCS accepts car seats from the public at its North Vancouver facility (1493 Dominion St.) year around at a small cost of $5 per seat. Public is asked to have car seat disassembled before drop-off or use supplies provided by WCS to disassemble the seat when dropping it off.

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  1. Thank you so much for giving parents an avenue to recycle them safely, it is clearly a needed service judging by the sky high pile you had going towards the end of the show. 🙂

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