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WCS Receives Blue Star Award for “Trust” from Recycle BC

A week and a half ago our team had the pleasure of attending Recycle BC ‘s multi-day 2024 Recycling Partner Conference, celebrating 10 years of achievements in partnership with producers, depot & curbside collectors, recovery facilities and end market partners.

We received a tour of four material recovery facilities including Recycle BC’s Centre of Material Intelligence, Merlin Plastics Supply Inc. Delta, GFL Environmental Inc. Richmond, and Urban Impact Recycling Ltd New Westminster to dive into the post-collection material recovery process, learn more about the challenges they face, and how their facilities recycle the materials they receive from the residential program.

We heard from other experts in the field and saw firsthand recycling myths busted. It was inspiring to see all the different groups working together to create a better B.C., how what our team does at Waste Control Services fits into that bigger picture, and how the rest of the world is modelling recycling programs after what we are doing here in B.C.

At the event’s Blue Star Awards dinner, our team was recognized through receiving Recycle BC’s Blue Star Award for “Trust”:

“This partner has proven to be dependable and trustworthy, excelling in promotion and education about recycling, conducting curbside audits, engaging the public through events and social media, and providing recycling education at local schools. Their willingness to collaborate and test flexible plastic curbside collection has been invaluable and paved the way for this stream to be collected directly from homes. We are thrilled to honor Waste Control Services with our Blue Star Award for trust.” – Kairi Sibul, Collections Specialist, Recycle BC

A big congratulations to our entire WCS team for this achievement – This award couldn’t have been possible without the hard work of every single person not only on the recycling team but across our Waste Control team!

Thank you as well to Recycle BC & their partners for exemplifying what can be made possible these last 10 years with perseverance. Thank you for your level of care, for setting the record straight about recycling time and time again, and for creating the standard for the rest of us to stay motivated by in this industry.  Cheers to 10 years of ‘doing the hard work’ together, and to another 10+ years ahead!

Here are some photos captured from the tours and conference:

Author:  Charmaine Wu