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Vancouver first to use recyclables for asphalt


Drivers in Vancouver will soon be running their cars over their own recycled plastics.

City officials say the plastic materials will be used in a wax-like, cutting-edge asphalt mix that will comprise about one per cent of the asphalt batch for Vancouver roads in British Columbia (B.C.).

The custom mix helps reduce viscosity when laying the asphalt, officials say. Although it’s a more expensive process, the special mix uses 20 per cent less fuel, and is expected to produce savings over time.

The special mix has more temperature versatility. It can be applied at temperatures 4o degrees C cooler than traditional hot mix at about 160 degrees C.

Vancouver is testing out the mix in several parts of the city. Currently, the recycled plastic mix is now sourced from GreenMantra in Ontario, but the city hopes to produce it locally in the future.

Source :  Solid Waste & Recycling News Letter

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