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PNE Waste Reduction Initiatives Supported by WCS

Operations at WCS are almost caught up after another successful year helping The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) zero in on waste reduction. In 2012 the PNE set a goal to increase waste diversion by 3-5% each year and ultimately divert 75% of waste from landfill by 2020. A comprehensive PNE Sustainability Strategy was set out in 2016 to help reach this goal and other environmental pillars.

To achieve its waste reduction goal the PNE has enlisted a number of local partners including WCS. WCS is a proud PNE Zero Waste partner alongside: Vancity Credit Union, the Binner’s Project, and Return-It.

PNE Zero Waste Centre

Collaboration between these partners has helped the PNE to improve their on-site waste management infrastructure and processes, extensively educate vendors, effectively communicate to visitors on-site and via media outlets, and give back to the community.

WCS has been the PNE’s recycling and waste hauler for many many years. Staff at WCS work extra long and extra hard to support the two week annual event. It has even become tradition for the owner of our company to do the midnight collection runs during the two weeks of Fair time.

As a Zero Waste partner we go far beyond just hauling material away. To help the PNE achieve its waste reduction goals WCS has organized and consulted extensively with the PNE on things such as: bin purchases, bin placements and signage, vendor education, and back of house processes. Additionally, WCS provides reports on the PNE’s waste diversion and helps sponsor the Binners Project’s involvement.

Binner Project Staff Helps at PNE Recycling Station


In 2017, 64% of all PNE waste during the two week Fair time was recycled and diverted from landfill. The numbers are not yet in for 2018, but we are sure the team work of many has helped the PNE recycle and recover a record amount of material this year!

Author: Leah Coulter