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News Update – Food Waste Edition!

The more scientists investigate the amount of perfectly good food humans waste, the clearer it becomes that it is a huge global problem, both for the planet’s food security and for the environment. Take a look at these interesting articles which explore food waste issues and solutions.

From the World’s Breadbasket to the Garbage Can: The Need for Food Waste Recovery

The need is simple to understand. We must ensure adequate nutrition to each person who inhabits the earth. The broader issue of food production and loss is much more complex. It includes agribusiness, technology, politics, behavioral hurdles, health, economics and more. These issues may seem to transcend the waste and recycling industry. However, the waste management industry’s niche in prevention and recovery is seen as vital in a multi pronged approach aimed at arresting this growing global condition before it has catastrophic effects. Check out the full article featured on Waste360 here.



This is Why the World Can’t Stop Wasting so Much Food

Researchers have proposed all kinds of ways to help address the issue, from improving methods for harvesting and processing crops to changing the expiration dates on packaged food. And now, experts have come up with another way to help governments and businesses all over the world keep track of the amount of food they’re losing and find better ways to cut down on the waste. Read on at



Examining the Latest Developments in Converting Organic Waste into Renewable Energy

With municipalities increasingly collecting organic waste, finding ways to convert that waste into clean energy is a hot topic in the solid waste industry. A multitude of techniques are in use or being developed, including aerobic and anaerobic digestion, as well as other methods for converting organic waste into biofuels or other forms of renewable energy.



Surrey Believes Biofuels Facility Change will Solve its Stink Problem

Surrey says it has solved the stink problem caused by thousands of tonnes of rotting food scraps awaiting recycling. A state-of-the-art, fully enclosed processing plant is being built in Port Kells which will seal in obnoxious smells and stop odour from drifting into the neighbourhood.