Our supportive team makes recycling easy

We understand the challenges of running recycling programs in multi-family residential buildings. Our extensive experience, custom services and supportive outreach will help your residential waste manager enjoy a stress-free recycling program. We’re hands-on, and always just a phone call away.

Sorting & Collection

We offer a variety of bin sizes for collection and a pick-up schedule that accommodates your building’s needs. Our containers are serviced by our state-of-the-art collection fleet. With GPS tracking, route management systems, sanitation equipment, and safety features – we can ensure the punctuality, sanitation and safety of our vehicle operations.

Equipment Maintenance

Keeping our bins pleasant and functional for our customer’s residents is a top priority for us. We invest an entire operations department toward maintaining a high standard of quality, appearance, safety, and sanitation of our equipment – one less thing for our customers to worry about.

Recycling our way to zero waste

Our expert team will set up a comprehensive recycling program for your residential building under the guidelines of Recycle BC.

We also provide enhanced, and sometimes complementary, recycling services for materials such as soft plastics, styrofoam, batteries, and electronics. Our services include multilingual communication resources such as wall posters and an annually updated guide for tenants.  Download our Sort It Out poster to find a list of all acceptable materials.


From waste stream to data stream

Set targets, track your progress, share your success! Our online weight reports provide clear and easy to read data to measure your waste reduction and diversion efforts. 


Where does it go?

After collection, your recycled materials are brought to a Recycle BC certified Material Recovery Facility for sorting and processing. Once processed, your raw paper, plastics, metals, and glass will be rejuvenated into other new materials. Your used newspaper may be turned into kids’ poster paper for their latest masterpiece, or plastic packaging may be recycled into gardening pots for delicious home grown tomatoes. To learn more, download our Where Does It Go whitepaper.

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