Case Study:
WCS Community Recycling Drop-Off Depot

What to do about waste

The Millars are a North Vancouver family of three. Years ago, collection was not frequent enough for the refuse they accumulated on a regular basis. They were sustainably aware and wanted to decrease their environmental impact.

Red Bag Recycling to the rescue

Multiple times a week Waste Control Services offer public drop-off hours for residents to recycle materials not generally collected in municipal blue boxes. Suzann Millar heard about our community drop-off depot by word of mouth while in the line at the Queensdale Market. She learned of our North Vancouver initiative that was created to support  families just like hers – and was thrilled to see they could do a great deal more to reduce their waste and contribute to the further recycling of their household goods.

There is so much packaging waste now and recycling at the depot helps us reduce the amount of waste we generate.
- Suzann Millar

Recycling and the ripple effect

For more than two years, the Millars have been using our Red Bags to drop off materials their municipal home collection service does not recover resources from – such as soft plastic, laminates, and rigid plastics. They also buy in bulk, garden and compost, and bring their reusable bags for shopping as much as possible. Lyle and Suzann are pleased to do their part and enjoy the participation of their son, Oliver, who is a big help and now a Vancouver Aquarium Junior Biologists Club member active in learning about marine biology and conservation.

The Millars encouraged their tenants, a family of four, to bring their recyclables to the depot as well. Now between two families, they only produce about 1/3 of a bin of garbage a week for municipal collection. Several of Suzann’s clients are now also actively participating in drop-offs with their Red Bags.

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