Case Study:
Partnership with a purpose

Increasing residential participation

Multi-Material British Columbia (MMBC) is a BC-based, non-profit organization that manages the recycling of printed paper and packaging for industry. MMBC strives to be the most innovative and progressive recycler in North America. They aim to maintain their top status as a recycling organization since their inception in 2014 and be a leading example for all of Canada. Part of their mandate was to improve recycling locally – by increasing resident participation, and ensuring materials that come from residents meet the strict low contamination requirements of MMBC’s programs.

Shared Values

With joint missions dedicated to recycling for the environment and future generations, we were brought into partnership with MMBC as a multi-family collector of recycling across the Lower Mainland.

Waste Control Services understood earlier than most the goals MMBC has for its program. They've been key in bringing our messaging to the residents on our behalf.
- Allen Langdon
Multi Material BC Managing Director

Communication key to success

We provide education, in-person support and knowledge of recycling to all residents in addition to providing recycling services. Our relationships with property managers and building supervisors ensures support is available and contamination is kept low. We provide large format posters for sorting and recycling and we distribute MMBC recycling brochures annually to their buildings.


As BC is a leader in recycling volume, our staff and our residents are proud to contribute to MMBC’s leading edge values.