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WCS Car Seat Recycling a Success at Bellies to Babies!

Parents dropped off almost 100 car and booster seats for recycling at our booth outside of the Bellies to Babies Trade Show last weekend. It was great to meet so many parents eager to prevent landfill waste and ensure a healthy environment for their children. We look forward to partnering with Bellies to Babies for further recycling in 2017 as well! img_4206

No one wants to jeopardise the safety of their children and thus it is not recommended to re-sell car seats. Seats expire after a few years and it is difficult to know if a seat has previously been in an accident, had its structure compromised, or if it has sat out in the sun for a long period and subsequently degraded. As such, baby consignment stores do not generally re-sell car seats due to liability issues. Recycling is the next best option to recover the large amount of plastic and metal that make up a car seat. This is why its great that we were able to collect a pile almost as high as our driver, Darin!


In order to recycle the car seats, they must be dismantled by separating the cloth, plastic, and metal components. Thank you to Bellies to Babies volunteers who helped us remove the cloth liners from each seat! Back at our depot the seats were further dismantled and each material will now be recycled individually by our downstream partners. The plastic will be shredded, melted, and formed into small resin balls, while the metal will be smelted.The resulting recycled materials will then be used to make new hard plastic and metal products.

Missed our booth at Bellies to Babies? Our North Vancouver depot accepts car seats for recycling – seats can be dropped off during our regular business hours for a $5 fee.



  1. I have two expired car seats. Can I drop them off and if so, may I have your address and any requirements. Thanks.

    1. Hi Linda,

      We accept car seats for recycling at our Depot in North Van at 1493 Dominion Street. There is a $5 fee per car seat.

      Feel free to drop them off any time during our business hours: Mon – Friday (9am -3pm) or Sat (10am -3pm).

  2. Hello,
    Have you done the recycling for 2017 yet? I live in burnaby and have a car seat to recycle. Do you know where I can go?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Shelley,

      We will be at Bellies to Babies 2017 this Sunday October 1st actually. You are welcome to drop-off your car seat at our Bellies to Babies booth by donation between 11am and 4pm at the Croatian Cultural Centre (3250 Commercial Drive). Find more info about Bellies to Babies at: Alternatively, you are welcome to drop-off old car seats or booster seats for recycling at our North Vancouver Depot Monday- Friday (9-3pm) & Saturday (10am-3pm). We have a $5 fee per seat and our depot is located at 1493 Dominion Street, North Van.

    1. Hello, sorry we do not sell car seats from our Recycling Depot. We solely offer drop-off of used car and booster seats for recycling.

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